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Stimulant is a series of drug that is used to enhance some specific tasks of human Central brain. These pro-pro-drugs act on the Central nervous system to release some chemicals that stimulate the human brain and body to control the conditions. These pro-pro-drugs provide the human pleasurable feelings to reduce the depression of mind.

Stimulants are also used to improve the activity of humans either in the form of speed or activity. The first stimulant named cocaine was synthesized in 1870s for the first time but came into the market for medical use in the 1960s. After the 1960s, their production and usage are increasing day by day.

Why Stimulants should be used?

Stimulants are those pro-drugs that enable the human brain to forget problems and to work normally and accurately. These pro-pro-drugs are very useful for the working of the human brain in some unusual conditions like depression, irritation, etc. that is why it has become one of the most prescribed medicines in the entire world.

The doctors are prescribing this medicine when they are dealing with a patient who is suffering from any type of depression or irritation. These pro-drugs are also used to deal with patients who are suffering from sleeplessness.

These pro-drugs enhance the human mind to release such chemicals that reduce the feeling of sensation and provide a sense of relaxation. These pro-drugs are also used to provide relaxation to human muscles.

Stimulants are not only popular in the medical field but it has become one of the most used pro-drug in dance clubs or bars. Due to the property of hallucinogens, Stimulants are used by young people at a very large rate to get rid of problems and to enjoy the beautiful moments of life. People feel relaxed and energetic after using these pro-drugs because these pro-drugs have high potential to provide energy to the human body.

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