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W-18 is a pain killer drug that is used at very large scale now a day. Today, almost 80% of the entire communities who have suffered from different pain are using this drug as a medicine. It is one of the best medicines that are used by not only patients for the solution of their problems but also are recommended by doctors at a very large amount.

W-18 is a pro-drug that was prepared for the very first time in the 1980s by a laboratory man. At that time, it was not used properly because it was not tested on human beings at that time. Now, it is one of those medicines that are used for the treatment related to W-18.

Why both doctors and patients are using W-18?

W-18 is a part of a series that starts from W-1 and ends at W-32. It is a drug that replaces heroin that is also used as a painkiller and for other relaxation processes. As heroin is produced from different plants and requires a lot of hard work and finance for its production. So, it is very difficult for a person to get this type of medicine at cheap rates.

W-18 is pro-drug medicine that is produced I very cheaper rates and available for every person who has his prescribed slip from his doctor. Although both drugs, heroin and W-18, are produced somehow artificially but the pro-drug that is described later in the above discussion is produced at a low price that the other.

So, W-18 is more helpful and profitable for a person’s health and also for his finances. The excessive use of W-18 may cause serious injuries to the human body, so it is recommended that it is used with great care.

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