Oxycodone is a pro-drug that is used to get relief from moderate pain. It is a part of opioid drugs family that is used to get relief different pain. It also works in the same way through which other opioid drugs do that is by affecting the Central nervous system directly. But it works more quickly and accurately than other pro-drugs which makes it more attractive.

It was first made in 1917 in German but came into the market for usage and selling in the 1950s. at that time, it was used at a very low rate but now it has become one of the most used pro-drugs.

Why Oxycodone should be preferred than other pro-drugs

Oxycodone has a very quick response that makes it more useful for a human being. It acts directly on the human brain and provides relief from the pain instantly. It changes the human sense of feeling the pain just like other opioids but in a very short time.

It is a very useful pro-drug in the treatment of brain tumor where almost every medicine fails to reduce the pain. It also reduces the pain even you have severe pain due to liver, kidney or lung diseases.

Oxycodone is a very useful medicine used to help patients who are suffering from drug addiction. It is very useful to overcome drug addiction and to give relief patient from any type of addiction. Every doctor prescribes his patient who is dealing with such conditions and wants to get rid of his bad habits.

No doubt, it is very useful pro-drug but the patient should have to avoid it if he has asthma. It is prohibited for such persons because of its property-related o breathing. Also, its long term usage may cause severe diseases to human. So, it should be used just according to the prescription of the doctor.

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