Ketamine is pro-drug that is also used as medicine in certain cases by the doctors. It was used for the first time in the 1990s in Vietnam where it was used to keep the soldiers away from mental disturbance. This is the reason behind its usage as a depressant in the medical field.

It is considered as the high potency medicine used to get relief from depression. It is also known as a club drug because of its usage in party clubs at a very large rate.

Advantages of ketamine over other pro-drugs

Ketamine is a pro-drug used to give relaxation to the human mind and the entire body like other pro-drugs. But it has some additional features that make it useful for the human body in many other conditions.

It is used to give the human body disturbance-free sleep from which he relaxes his muscles and feels energetic. It works on human Central nervous system and releases such chemicals that enhance the human body to rest completely.

Ketamine is also used in almost every dance club or bar because of its some special features. One of these features is its hallucinogenic property that gives the human mind a framework in which he imagines a problem-free world.

In this way, he feels relax and enjoy the beautiful moments of the party. It may either be used by smoking it or by injecting it into the vein directly. It is available in two forms that are in liquid form or in powder form. Both the forms almost have the same effect on humans. The key feature of both the forms of Ketamine is to provide human mind relief from depression.

Ketamine is very useful medicine and pro-drug if used under controlled conditions. It is a very useful pro-drug if used for a short interval of time. Long term usage may cause severe diseases in the human body. So, it should be used according to the prescription of the doctor or in controlled conditions.

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