Carfentanyl is a pain reliever pro-drug that is placed in the opioid class of drugs. It is a very high potency medicine that is used to get instant results of pain-relieving. It was first synthesized by a team in 1974 but then it was not used as much used in today’s world.

In recent years, it has become one of the most used pro-drugs or medicines on this planet. Almost half of the planet’s population is using this pain reliever to get relaxation from pain. It is most effective pro-drug from the entire opioid class of drugs.

Why Carfentanyl be used instead of other opioid

Carfentanyl and other opioids have the same effect to some extent but the pro-drug discussed first has many other features. It has similar structure to the most popular opioid that is Fentanyl. Before its production, Fentanyl is the most effective pro-drug from the opioid class. But after its production it became more effective and popular drug than Fentanyl.

The reason behind its effectiveness is its high potency that Fentanyl. According to some research, it has been observed that it is almost hundred times more effective and stronger than Fentanyl. Such huge effectiveness of this pro-drug makes it more popular day by day.

Many people use Heroin to get rid of severe pain but now they are using this medicine because Carfentanyl is a thousand times stronger than Heroin. Due to its high potency, it is also prescribed by the doctors at very large scale.

The doctors are prescribing this medicine when they are dealing with such patients who are suffering from severe pain. It provides instant relief to the human mind and body from the pain by releasing particular chemicals from the brain. It may either be taken orally in pills form or inhaled in powder form.

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