2-AIMP is pro-drug from the cathinone group of pro-drugs. This class is used as a designer drug at a very large rate. It is a structural isomer of 5-Methoxy-MDMA. It is also known as 5-Methoxy-Methylone that has become its market name now. It is mostly used as research chemical and for some applications used in this regard.

But it is also used by people through inhaling or taking orally for certain purposes. It is becoming more popular day by day and selling or buying through online market. It is used by human beings as stimulant and caused the same effect as other cathinone do.

Why 2-AIMP is more useful than other cathinone

2-AIMP is also a stimulant and member of the cathinone family of pro-drugs but it is one of the most popular pro-drugs of this family. The reason behind this its unique properties and lack of disadvantages for both the human and research processes.

It is mostly used in bath salts and for producing the plant’s food. The plant food made by this pro-drug provides a more useful product than the other fertilizers. It is also used to reduce the potency of pure tablets or medicines that may harm human beings mentally or physically.

2-AIMP is also prescribed by doctors for certain purposes. As it is considered as stimulant so it is used by the doctors to enhance some specific hormones of the brain. It works like other cathinone and provides energetic effect on the human mind and body instantly. It is also used to stimulate the hormones that reduce the pain of human infection and other forms of pain. These are some important properties that make it more useful and powerful pro-drug for human body.

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