Afghan’s opium

Opium is dried latex that is obtained from some special type of plant known as opium poppy. It is used in many medical treatments and many other purposes except for this field. Almost 12 to15 percent of opium is produced from the very popular pro-drug Morphine.

Then it is chemically processed to get Heroin and other pro-drugs that are very useful in the medical world. But about 80 percent of Opium is produced naturally and used for further processes. Afghanistan is one of those countries that are known as the king for opium production.

Benefits of Afghan’s opium over other pro-drugs

Afghan’s opium is the type of opium produced in Afghanistan naturally and artificially. This opium is sent to different countries for use in different fields. Other countries are also producing opium but the Afghan’s opium is one of the best opium used in the world. The reason behind its popularity and effectiveness is its naturally occurring process.

Afghanistan has reserved it’s almost 70% land for opium production and the farmers are working hard for its production. The opium comes from Afghanistan has some additional features like long-lasting, quick action, etc. It is one of those pro-drugs that are using at very large scale in almost every dance club or bar.

It gives the human body a complete relax and disturbance-free sleep. For this reason, it is used by young boys and girls at large scale to get rid of their problems.

Afghan’s opium is also used in the medical world for producing many medicines like relaxing tablets or depressants. This is the main reason behind its success that it is not a pro-drug that is used in clubs only but also used in medical treatment of people.

The doctors prescribe this medicine when they are dealing with a patient who is suffering from sleeplessness.

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