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What is AH-7921
AH-7921, also called doxylam and doxylan, is a new psychoactive substance, which is structurally similar to fentanyl, and having a
potency that is described as comparable to morphine. Its makeup as a μ-opioid. AH-7921 is an opioid analgesic drug selective for
the µ-opioid receptor, having around 80% the potency of morphine when administered orally.
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AH-7921 = Doxylam; 1-(3,4-dichlorobenzamidomethyl)cyclohexyldimethylamine Minimal oral effective doses for complete pain suppression by AH 7921 are 1.25 and 13.8 mg/kg

It’s an N-substituted cyclohexylmethylbenzamide. The “AH” refers to Allen & Hanburys, which originally patented the
AH-7921 is a derivative of dimethylaminocyclohexane, with the addition of a 3,4-dichlorobenzamide moiety.
AH-7921 is primarily metabolized to desmethyl-AH-7921, which can then result in di-desmethyl-AH-7921
The drug is often taken orally, though there are reports of intranasal, sublingual, IV, and rectal administration.
Oral (tentative)
Total: 6 – 8 hours (some reports indicate around 4 – 5 hours)
Onset: 00:15 – 00:45
Inhalation (tentative)
Total: 3 – 4 hours
Onset: 00:02 – 00:10

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